Track Your Runs With the RunKepper App


As I’ve mentioned in a previous post I am not a great runner and I could use all the help I could get.   RunKeeper tracks your distance, routes, pace and more.  The verbal cues let you know how fast you’re going and how far you’ve run which is great if you’re like me and like to do interval training.

The training tools allow you to follow a schedule based on your goals.  There are options focused specifically on losing weight, competing in races or learning how to run.  You can also set reminders so when you’re not feeling motivated to run, your app will remind you to get off your butt!  The best part about the training plans is they are created by experienced coaches so you have their professional tips in the palm of your hand.  Some of the training plans are free with the app but you can purchase other plans as well.

With RunKeeper, you can also keep track of any other physical activity you do.  You can set your run to music by creating playlists or just access your iTunes through the app.  Not everyone has a friend nearby to run with but with RunKeeper you can still have that friendly competition.  You can add your friends as well as share your workouts on social media sites which helps keep you accountable and motivated to do your runs.

Whether you are a beginner, occasional or seasoned runner, this app is sure to kick your cardio up a notch!
xo T